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Patricia Pezzano

B.Sc., R.P.N










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At APT Medical Aesthetics, quality, compassionate care specialized to the needs of our clients is our primary goal. The entire team is committed to understanding your desired outcomes and providing customized treatment plans specifically tailored for you.

Patricia Pezzano, Founder and Lead Practitioner at APT Medical Aesthetics has both a Bachelor of Science in Biology as well as an Honors Nutrition and Nutraceutical Sciences degree. She is a Registered Practical Nurse working under the Medical Directives of Dr Randi Stern and Dr Cathy Longley. Both physicians are caring, attentive and on call for our patients whenever needed.

Patricia has spent many years in the aesthetic field.  She is internationally known as a top instructor teaching physicians and nurses how to inject cosmetic injectables and has trained literally hundreds of medical practitioners in her career. Her monthly courses receive rave reviews from physicians and patients alike.

Patricia is joined by a team of specialists which consists of other industry leading professionals whose areas of expertise include skin care, laser therapies, injectables, women’s health etc. They are dedicated to providing best practices by consistently enrolling in ongoing education and training to continue to update their knowledge and skills.

At APT Medical Aesthetics, our aim is to develop a confidential, trusting, compassionate and dedicated relationship with our clients -  one that embraces and reveals your own individuality. We strive to have you look your best, to feel your best and thus be your best!   The practice has been built almost exclusively on referrals from one client to the next - the highest compliment possible! It is this level of dedication, caring, compassion and relentless pursuit of perfect care to our clients that sets us apart from the rest.


Women Empowering Women

Patricia P - Friday, March 06, 2015

Why is it that women have a hard time telling other women just how

beautiful they are? All women are beautiful in their own unique ways. Women are like

different bodies of water; beautiful as an ocean, peaceful and calm as a lake and delicate as the sound of a stream.

Take the time to tell your fellow female standing in the line at the grocery

store, pregnant sitting in the doctor’s office, the mother desperately trying to keep it together

while her child is having a meltdown or the elderly woman you pass on the street just how beautiful she is.

If women take the time to celebrate each other in any way, big or small, it’s like paying it forward; you never know the positive effect that one random act of kindness can have even if it simply brightens up an otherwise gloomy day.

Are you getting your beauty sleep?

Patricia P - Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fatigue can take on many forms. It will

show in your moods, your actions and

reactions. Not only will fatigue cause you to not act your best, it will be a main

contributor to your not looking your best either. When we sleep, our bodies grow and

heal. Just as sleep is extremely important for infants and children to grow happy and

healthy, sleep is important for adults to recoup after exhausting days full of stress and

constant activity. If you consider what your skin looks like under chronic fatigue; dull,

dehydrated, pale, blotchy. Imagine that as a reflection of the rest of your health

internally. When you start to feel tired day in and day out, even after a solid 6 to 8 hours

of sleep, consider it a sign to slow down and take some YOU time. Clear the mind and

allow the body to just be in rest. Meditation is a great cure to calm your thoughts and

just be still, allowing your connective tissue to heal, allowing blood to flow, allowing

tissues to absorb moisture and allowing the body to rid itself of toxic build up. In turn,

no beauty product can completely eliminate the signs of fatigue from your face, just as

no amount of red bull will help a mind and body that is just screaming for rest. More

sleep can equal a more beautiful, happier, younger you........Sleep well :)